Dealing With Praxis 2 Anxiety

To start your teaching career in the field of education, it is essential to first pass the ETS Praxis II test. However, to pass this Educational Testing Services exam, you need to ensure you are ready knowledge-wise, mentally, spiritually and physically. Nevertheless, being ready mentally can be difficult when you are anxious about the test.

Why Anxiety Is Not Helpful In Your Test Preparation

In sitting for the Praxis test, anxiety does not help for many reasons. During exam prep, anxiety serves to reduce memory power and decrease attention span, as you will most likely drift off in negative thoughts when going through your ETS study guide and other study guides as well. To prepare effectively for the exam, you need to be calm and focused when undertaking test prep review sessions.

On the test day itself, anxiety can drastically reduce performance levels due to mental blocks and jitteriness. You may find yourself unable to even properly analyze the test questions, and this will lead to failure. Many promising test takers end up failing their test because of anxiety and the inability to answer optimally because of it. Don’t join these test takers, instead fight anxiety and get to the top!

Tips on Keeping Praxis II Anxiety Under Control

If you want to pass the Praxis test with flying colors, then use the tips below to help conquer test-related anxiety:

1) You can do nothing better to control your anxiety other than preparing yourself. If you have read through your study guide enough, you should have nothing to worry about. This is the time to practice discipline by getting yourself ready a few months before your exam. Make a study plan and follow through so your test preparation goes smoothly.

2) Get yourself up-to-date Praxis test guides and make sure you understand the contents. By using up-to-date test guides, you are sure to have the most accurate references for the subject contents in the Praxis II test.

3) I can’t emphasize enough the importance of doing practice tests. Make sure you answer many practice tests because this way, you’ll familiarize yourself with answering exam questions so you won’t be nervous on the actual exam day. Free practice tests are available for you to download online but it’s up to you to search and you can also purchase other test prep questions.

4) Be sure that you are in good health, both physically and mentally. Get enough sleep during the few weeks before your test date and eat well. Ditch all the junk food and soft drinks at least till your exam is over. Don’t try to study everything during this time and overexert yourself because you’ll only get more stressed.

5) On the test day, practice slow breathing techniques and remind yourself that you’re a superstar that is going to ace this test. Be confident!

I know that the Praxis II test is an extremely important licensure test. However, remember that you’re not a machine so you have to take breaks and relax once in a while. Use all the tips I gave you and I’m sure you can beat your anxiety and be on your way to pass your Praxis II.